ERA/MK1/Keyway Attachment

ERA/MK1/Keyway Attachment

1) Occlusal force could across to male part of attachment which connected with abutment crown,through directly fixed joint between restoration and retain teeth.Transfer to long axis of root in a vertical direction

2) Abutment cone attachment retainer and retain conductors could balance and buffer bite force be formed in a horizontal direction

3) The spring blot fully retain restoration on it’s placement.


1) Patient easy to wear up and down

2) No any side effect, no any abration for abutment gingiva

3) Balance and buffer effectively bite force from which formed on three-demisonlly in oral.

4) Don’t need to deal excitation because no any abration on part in structure.

5) Perfect structure making to could change basic parts under special indication.

6) Innovative round technology solve effectively a lot of problems in present denture restoration.

Keyway Preci

Keyway Preci-Line Precision Partial Denture Attachments Restore Missing Teeth’S Fuction


Take advantage of interaction between metal post which locaded on fixed denture free-end and plastic cover which on removable denture. To form fricton retainer.


1. Making doctor’s operation easier.
2. On the premise that removable base plate be retained well, clasps to as few as possible


Free-end missing of side or two sides ,especially adapt for patient which buccolingual dimension or vertical distance is smaller and free-end is longer


1. It’s the best design that missing teeth are too much to restore by fixed restoration
2. Retainer and stable are good.
4. Restore missing teeth’s fuction.
5. The area of base plate is small, comforatable sense is better.
6. Patient cleans easy.