CAD/CAM Titanium/Zirconia Custom abutment, Abutment Gold Hue

Sunflower dental laboratory have an independent milling center which service for not only dental labs from overseas, but China too. We have the most full implant database in Chinal. This makes us have the capability to meet almost all your implant needs.

Benefits of CAD/CAM Custom abutments

  • Precisely configures abutment for ideal anatomic contours
  • Optimal design for esthetic emergence profile
  • Highly predictable manufacturing process
  • Availability of angulation correction
  • 100% survival rates reported up to a 6-year period
  • No technical complications reported up to a 6-year period
  • Cheaper than gold cast abutments

Benefits of abutments Gold Hue

> The warm gold color of the abutment has a reflective property you don’t get from darker colored or silver abutments.

> The reflective properties create a beautiful aesthetic when combined with an all-ceramic restoration.

> The Titanium Gold Hue are stronger, have a beautiful gold color and cost less than zirconia, making them the best option for all three considerations.